The Write Balance; How to Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public – Bonni Goldberg #blogblitz

Just for reassurance, Goldberg makes it clear early on that ‘this book is for anyone who writes.’ As a writer herself and as a teacher of writing, she is best placed to know that many authors suffer with a version of Imposter Syndrome, and this guide speaks to the sense of embarrassment some feel when stating ‘I am a writer’. The benefit of setting her inclusive stall out early is that all of us who have fancied at one stage or another that we might have an idea that could become something can be drawn in too. This book is certainly for all those who write, whatever shape that might ultimately take.

Goldberg is clear that those seeking the first steps need to look at her first book, Room to Write, but I like her identification of the ‘percolation’ stage, the process which takes place before the first draft is put down on paper. This stage, whilst obviously an early one, is just as important for Goldberg as the following ‘revision’ and ‘Going Public’ stages. At each of these stages, there are helpful exercises and visualisations, appropriate to each part of the process. Further on, tips include ways to keep writing groups helpful and supportive (a ‘web’ shape is needed, as opposed to a pyramid or constellation structure), and there is sound advice on how to deal with the terror of criticism. I particularly liked the advice on filing revisions and ‘false starts’ – it is both practical and motivational.

‘As you consider my perspectives and sample the exercises that speak to your Writing Self, you will assemble the techniques and perspectives necessary for you to experience the incredible rewards of the whole writing experience, even the challenges— especially the challenges.’

Drawing on her plentiful experience, Goldberg is a wise voice and her attention to the ‘writing self’ is a way of allowing one to make their writing a priority in their lives. In that sense she is a descendent of Woolf with her acknowledgement that ‘a room of one’s own’ is what is needed. As with all good support guides, I can’t help feeling that much of what is offered regarding the writing self could also be applied to the whole self – taking time to think about what is important to you, giving time for thought and reflection, working with others to build our own skills. This is a fascinating and insightful guide to the writing process and the writing self. Highly recommended!

Bonni Goldberg’s The Write Balance introduces you to alternative perspectives and motivation for lasting creative fulfillment. This companion book to the beloved bestseller, Room to Write is filled with encouragement, tools, examples and exercises.

Through years of teaching writing in workshops and in classrooms, Bonni has seen that the writers who are most passionate and grounded in their Writing Self embrace three aspects of the writing process: nurturing ideas, revising to best communicate those ideas, and completing the writing cycle by going public.

In this powerful guide, Bonni invites you to explore these creative stages which are essential to satisfying your Writing Self.

Use The Write Balance to:

  • Find Fulfillment as a Writer
  • Explore Creative Writing
  • Add to Your Writer’s Toolbox for Perspective
  • Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Teach Creative Writing
  • Inspire Your Writing Group
  • Give as Gifts to the Writers in Your Life

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Bonni Goldberg is the author of The Write Balance: How to Embrace Percolation, Revision & Going Public, the companion book to the best-seller Room to Write: Daily Invitations to a Writer’s Life. Bonni is an award-winning poet and writer. She is the creator of the 2 Minute Journals™ series. Both traditionally and indie published, her books include non-fiction for adults and fiction and non-fiction for young readers. Her essays and blog posts can be found in numerous print and online publications. Bonni teaches creative writing at colleges and leads writing workshops internationally for all ages. She knows everyone is creative, and she supports people to discover and share their authentic, meaningful and imaginative experiences through words. Whether through her writings or through teaching, her methods and perspectives continue to empower thousands of adults, families, and children. Bonni is also a Jewish educator. She speaks, writes, and leads workshops on Jewish topics such as Jewish identity, rituals and antisemitism at Jewish women’s events, JCCs, and conferences.  Bonni Goldberg lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner in life, and some creative projects, artist Geo Kendall.

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