Crooked Heart – Lissa Evans

As regular followers may remember, I absolutely loved Old Baggage’s Mattie Simpkin. Published as a prequel after Crooked Heart, it provided readers with Mattie’s story in 1928. Crooked Heart, although the first of the two novels, moves forward a decade and Mattie, very sadly, is now suffering with dementia and ‘looking after’ a godson, Noel. … Continue reading Crooked Heart – Lissa Evans

Troy – Stephen Fry

I'm a bit obsessed (if that isn't an oxymoron?) with the story of the Trojan War these days. As I've noted elsewhere on this blog, I think it stems from a gap in my formal education, and in recent years I've loved novels such as Pat Barker's The Silence of the Girls, Madeline Miller's The … Continue reading Troy – Stephen Fry

The Lying Life of Adults – Elena Ferrante

'Two years before leaving home my father said to my mother that I was very ugly.' A more condensed narrative than the rather sprawling Neapolitan Quartet, Elena Ferrante's new novel is a classic bildungsroman with an interesting gothic flavour. As with the Quartet's main figures, our new narrator, Giovanna, is focused on her growing awareness … Continue reading The Lying Life of Adults – Elena Ferrante