The Women of Troy – Pat Barker

The sequel to The Silence of the Girls was always going to suffer by comparison in the action stakes. The immediate period after the violent sacking of Troy is marked by inertia - the Greeks are literally stuck waiting for the wind to change and allow them home. It is once again a marker of … Continue reading The Women of Troy – Pat Barker

An Island – Karen Jennings

I'm so behind with the reading this summer (house move/job move etc) that I've had to accept defeat on reading all the Booker longlisted titles. All I can hope for now is that Klara and the Sun, Light Perpetual (which I loved but seemingly didn't get round to reviewing - that opening section is just … Continue reading An Island – Karen Jennings

Mamma – Diana Tutton (British Library Women Writers)

In other hands, this could have been an uncomfortable (or perhaps horribly salacious) read, concerning as it does a growing connection between a woman and a younger man. But Tutton is too good a writer for that, and this becomes a fascinating exploration of motherhood, aging, and the often uncomfortable acknowledgement of desire in anyone … Continue reading Mamma – Diana Tutton (British Library Women Writers)