Man Booker 2018 – Daisy Johnson’s Everything Under #review

This is a slippery, knotty, complex story which circles around the relationship between Gretel and Sarah, her aging mother who is slowly disappearing into the fog of dementia. When Gretel was a child, she and her mother had spun a closed linguistic world of their own, coining new terms to suit their lives. The most … Continue reading Man Booker 2018 – Daisy Johnson’s Everything Under #review


My Ten (ish) Favourite Reads of 2018

I'm confident I can now make a call on this one - such is the madness of the next few weeks that I suspect little reading will be done. This is one of my favourite posts to put together (who doesn't love a list?) because I get to think back on all the many brilliant … Continue reading My Ten (ish) Favourite Reads of 2018

An Interview with … Jim Alexander

After something of a hiatus, it's lovely to be quizzing an author on writing tips and inspirations again. Today, I'm chatting to Jim Alexander about creative ideas, problems with desert islands, and his somewhat questionable approach to wine gums. His debut novel, GoodCopBadCop, is out now. Hi, Jim. Tell us a little about your writing to … Continue reading An Interview with … Jim Alexander