Klara and the Sun – Kazuo Ishiguro

Ishiguro's new novel picks up on some of the ideas and concerns visited in Never Let Me Go, but that novel now feels like something of a rehearsal for Klara and the Sun. In his latest novel, Ishiguro has perfected the limited-perspective narrative style and given us a marvellous new invention in Klara, an Artificial … Continue reading Klara and the Sun – Kazuo Ishiguro

The Borrowed Boy – Deborah Klée

I raced through this novel in one sitting, so desperate was I to find out what happens to Danek, the 'borrowed boy', in Klée's story. Angie Winkle, aging and alone, knows she has cancer and probably doesn't have long to live. Her life has been unsatisfactory and she has decided to revisit an old seaside … Continue reading The Borrowed Boy – Deborah Klée

Re-Navigation by Sue Parritt #BlogTour

A gloomy seascape is of little consequence to Julia, as a ferry transports her to an isolated Welsh island to undertake a Spiritual Development course. Soon, Julia finds herself surrounded by new friends and questions. As relationships deepen, so does Julia’s feeling that something crucial is missing from her life. As passion ignites and deep-buried … Continue reading Re-Navigation by Sue Parritt #BlogTour

Gordon Kerr’s The Partisan Heart #BlogTour

Following his wife’s tragic death, Michael Keats’ grief is compounded by the discovery that she had been having an affair. This revelation leads Michael to Italy, his wife’s home country, where he becomes embroiled in tensions which date back to the 1940s. The violence and loyalties of the past reverberate down the years, and Michael … Continue reading Gordon Kerr’s The Partisan Heart #BlogTour

Helen Matthews’ Lies Behind the Ruin #BlogTour

I’d thoroughly enjoyed Helen Matthews’ first novel, Leaving the Village, which focused on human trafficking, and her new novel is just as fascinating. Following a fatal accident at her husband’s firm, for which he is held responsible, Emma and Paul Willshire attempt to begin a new life in France with their daughter Mollie. This is … Continue reading Helen Matthews’ Lies Behind the Ruin #BlogTour