West by Carys Davies

This is a perfect gem of a novel. Like some of the very best American tales (I guess I'm thinking Of Mice and Men here) less is certainly more, and Davies has packed a beautifully-told tale in 149 pages. Every sentence manages to be both spare and purposeful. Her quixotic protagonist, Cy Bellman, follows a … Continue reading West by Carys Davies

Chloe Aridjis’ Sea Monsters

At the beginning of Aridjis’ wonderfully fluid novel, 17 year old Luisa tells us that her story, her reason for running away to the Mexican coastal resort of Zipolite, began with a quest to find a missing troupe of Ukranian dwarves who have themselves run away from a travelling circus. It feels almost inevitable that … Continue reading Chloe Aridjis’ Sea Monsters

The Way Past Winter by Kiran Millwood Hardgrave #review

‘It was a winter they would tell tales about. A winter that arrived so sudden and sharp it stuck birds to branches, and caught the rivers in such a frost their spray froze and scattered down like clouded crystals on the stilled water. A winter that came, and never left.’ When Mila’s snowy home is … Continue reading The Way Past Winter by Kiran Millwood Hardgrave #review