Catching up with … Elisabeth Hobbes

I last interviewed Elisabeth after her sixth book; she's been busy writing in the mean time and I'm chatting to her this morning about her nineth book, The Merchant's Secret. Her tenth book is due out soon - see below for further details! Hi - thanks for giving up some time to chat! I loved … Continue reading Catching up with … Elisabeth Hobbes

A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss – Elisabeth Hobbes

This was such a satisfying read to kick off the new year - in this story, Hobbes has revisited the Danby family, last seen in Redeeming the Rogue Knight and The Blacksmith's Wife. This time, we meet the next generation, Rowenna and Robbie. They've known each other since childhood, and I loved the way Hobbes … Continue reading A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss – Elisabeth Hobbes