The Death of Francis Bacon – Max Porter

Once you’ve read The Death of Francis Bacon, you can’t help feeling that only Max Porter could have tackled the imagined thoughts of this violently visual painter. As already seen in Grief is the Thing with Feathers and Lanny, Porter’s style suits the noisy, graphic style of the painter himself. In a way, the layout … Continue reading The Death of Francis Bacon – Max Porter

Just Bea – Deborah Klée #Blogtour

On the face of things, Bea Stevens is very different to Deborah Klée’s previous heroine, Angie, in The Borrowed Boy. But scratch a little deeper and there are similarities – Bea may well have learned to adopt a glossy veneer, but she still feels very much the outsider looking in at the prestigious Hartleys department … Continue reading Just Bea – Deborah Klée #Blogtour

Circles of Deceit – Paul CW Beatty #Blogtour

Circles of Deceit is the second in the Josiah Ainscough Casebook series and, like the first novel, Children of Fire, is a brilliantly imagined visit to Nineteenth century Northern England, a period rich in drama and social change. This time, the backdrop is the General Strike of 1842 and the struggles of the Chartist movement. … Continue reading Circles of Deceit – Paul CW Beatty #Blogtour