An Interview with … Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn

Today I'm chatting to Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn about her new collection, word play, and poetic inspiration. Hi Claire. Thanks for 'dropping in', so to speak! Tell us something about your new book. My new publication, RHYME & REASON: Facets of a Life, is a collection of both non-fiction and fiction poems in metered rhyme. The … Continue reading An Interview with … Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn

An Interview with … Camilla Downs

Good morning! Today I'm talking to author Camilla Downs about her poetry and her creative inspirations. Hi Camilla. Let's start at the beginning. Where does a new poem begin for you? Do you have an idea you wish to explore, or do they stem from an image? Or is it something completely different? In the … Continue reading An Interview with … Camilla Downs