Dear Mrs Bird – A. J. Pearce

This is probably one of the most blogged-about books of the past few years, so I finally caved in and treated myself to a copy. I think my reservations were built purely around the fact that everyone already had read it and there was that feeling that I’d missed the boat and there was little point in swimming after it (which is also why I haven’t watched Mad Men, incidentally). But, keeping the metaphor afloat longer than is really necessary, Reader – I did it. I jumped in.

It’s a very enjoyable read, even with the Blitz moments which serve to highlight just how precious time was and how being A Good Egg and Very Brave could only get you so far. Pearce is perfect with voices , and Emmy and Bunty sound exactly how you want two young 1940s women with their lives ahead of them to sound. Emmy has, by her own later admission, a tendency to interfere and this has consequences for those she loves and those who write to ‘Henrietta Helps’ at Women’s Friend magazine. Bunty is marvellous.

Mrs Bird herself is a superb creation – in my mind’s eye she looks like a well-dressed Miss Trunchbull – and I cheered Mr Collins on as his character developed as the story developed. There’s a brilliant supporting cast that reminded me strongly of Lissa Evans’ novels, and I’m very pleased that there is already a sequel out (now this is a benefit of being the last to read the first one). I’m aware I’m not adding anything new to the many words already written in praise of this book – but I’m very glad I finally grabbed a copy and recommend it highly to you all again!

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