A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss – Elisabeth Hobbes

51BMYftE2PLThis was such a satisfying read to kick off the new year – in this story, Hobbes has revisited the Danby family, last seen in Redeeming the Rogue Knight and The Blacksmith’s Wife. This time, we meet the next generation, Rowenna and Robbie. They’ve known each other since childhood, and I loved the way Hobbes establishes the sense of familial loyalty these two feel towards each other. When they meet as young adults some years later, she also handles the shift in tone so adeptly that the new sense of attraction they feel towards each other feels utterly convincing.

I like series which build a world, and Hobbes’ use of the children of previous novels’ protagonists is an excellent decision. It was lovely to catch up with the older Danby brothers and their wives, all now older but the latter nevertheless still very much the strong women they were when younger. These are marriages which have worked, against the odds, and the other thing I enjoyed was seeing what has happened to these characters after their ‘happy ever afters’.

Robbie and Rowenna are excellent characters in their own rights too, and there’s a brilliant humour behind Hobbes’ writing of their exchanges. Their burgeoning relationship ticks all the boxes a reader of romances might wish for, and they’re a memorable addition to the Danby clan. Well worth a read!

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