An Interview with … Ashlee Rose

41vvfm9vktl._sx311_bo1,204,203,200_Today, I’m chatting to Ashlee Rose about her writing, her inspirations, and snacking. She’s the author of two self-published novels, and she’s now writing her third.

Hi Ashlee, tell us a little about your writing to date.

I write rom-coms with some soft erotic scenes. I try to make my books as light hearted as I can and an easy read. I like readers to feel what my characters feel and try to go into as much detail as I can.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I get some of my inspiration from films, I watch them and then think “oh, what could I do with this”, then I start picking at the story line and choose the bits I liked and didn’t like then see if I can pluck anything from it. But most of it comes from my little imagination. Always been told my imagination is huge so that helps.

Do you plan out an entire plot before you begin, or does a story evolve as you write?

I try to plot – the last two books I have written I have plotted out but once I start writing, my story will sometimes evolve once I start.

41xeu44fvslWhat advice would you give to someone mulling over the ideas for their first novel?

Do it. Try to push the nerves to the back of your mind and go for it. Then find yourself a good editor and formatter to finish your book. That last bit is really important!

Good advice! What is the best part of being an author? And the worst?

The best part is being able to still spend time with my two young boys and husband and do something I love. I can sit in the comfort of my own home and bring my ideas into a story. The worst is the constant advertising, chasing reviews, trying to get the book out there so people can enjoy your work. Oh, and writer’s block. That’s a toughy.

41u-ucheqcl._ac_us218_Who are your writing heroes?

Lindsey Kelk. I have loved her since her first novel, I Heart New York. She is the only author who has always replied if I have private messaged her on Instagram. I actually reached out to her when I wrote my first book and asked for some advice, which she gave. She is a total rockstar.

If you had to be stranded on a desert island with three fictional characters, who would you choose, and why?HP

Jennie Lopez (I Heart New York) because she is a bad ass and will stop you from losing your mind. Christian Grey (Fifty Shades) nice to have some eye candy and Harry Potter so he could cast spells if we needed them.

Perfect! Now, and very importantly, wine gums or chocolate as your preferred snack of choice when immersed in writing?

Out of them two, it would be chocolate. But, my writing snack is crisps. Can’t get enough of them.

Yes, I know the feeling! Pringles are another of my weaknesses. What’s next in terms of your writing plans?

My third book of my ‘Something Series’. Once that is completed I will be writing a back story on one of my characters from that series, then onto a complete new adventure in the book world!

Sounds exciting! Good luck with the writing, Ashlee!

49899323_380168505882625_7148140214198730752_nHey, I’m Ashlee-Rose.
​I am a mother, a wife and an author. I have always enjoyed reading and decided to try my hand at writing. I started Something New as a project, a hobby if you like, and decided to self publish on Amazon.
​I have now completed and self published book two of the series which is called Something To Lose.
​I like spending time with my family, days out, spending time with my nearest and dearest and drinking wine. I love wine. Oh and crisps … could eat them all day long.

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